[naemon-users] Using NRDP?

Jens Hyllegaard (Soft Design A/S) jens.hyllegaard at softdesign.dk
Wed Feb 18 20:46:39 CET 2015


The setup is working on our old Nagios 3 setup, and we are currently migrating to Naemon instead. Unfortunately in this case we only submit a result to the passive service, and so I can’t test it from the CLI. But manually submitting a passive servicecheck from within Naemon/Thruk works fine.

I tried using the debug function, but I don’t see anything useful there.



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Hello Jens,

I am a bit of a noob with Naemon myself but when nothing good seems to happen from the service check, I try running the check command from the CLI to see any errors that are thrown.  This was especially helpful with NRPE.  I have not tried NRDP, however.

On Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 3:53 AM, Jens Hyllegaard (Soft Design A/S) <jens.hyllegaard at softdesign.dk<mailto:jens.hyllegaard at softdesign.dk>> wrote:

Does anyone know if it is possible to use NRDP with Naemon.

I have tried configuring it, but every time I submit a service check I get a servicecheck timed out error in the naemon.log.


Jens Hyllegaard

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