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On 10-07-08 05:44 AM, john at wrote:
> Hey Team,
> I am having trouble combining ‘Implied’ and ‘Additive’ inheritance for
> normal service notifications.  The documentation implies the ability to
> combine ‘Implied’ with ‘Additive’ inheritance is restricted to
> escalations, is this correct?  If so, can I suggest this **very**
> powerful option be expanded to work with normal service notifications?
> The scenario is the primary contact_group (‘+support_team’ for example)
> is set at the host level.  This group is nicely inherited by all the
> services on that host (very cool).  If we add a contact_group
> (‘+developers’ for example) to an individual service on that host, the
> primary_contact group information is overridden, and only the
> ‘developers’ are contacted.

+1... I have the same issue and I reported it a while ago. I don't think
the fix would be so hard, but I haven't had the time to really look into it.

FWIW I also suggested generric templates, because some of my additive
templates contains instructions that can be used at multiple places (ex
hostgroups that can be added to service templates, service dependencies,

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