Implied/Additive inheritance

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Thu Jul 8 11:44:27 CEST 2010

Hey Team,


I am having trouble combining 'Implied' and 'Additive' inheritance for
normal service notifications.  The documentation implies the ability to
combine 'Implied' with 'Additive' inheritance is restricted to escalations,
is this correct?  If so, can I suggest this *very* powerful option be
expanded to work with normal service notifications?


The scenario is the primary contact_group ('+support_team' for example) is
set at the host level.  This group is nicely inherited by all the services
on that host (very cool).  If we add a contact_group ('+developers' for
example) to an individual service on that host, the primary_contact group
information is overridden, and only the 'developers' are contacted.


Thanks in advance for any guidance.




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