Patch to add a 'pause' button to CGIs

Hephaestus hephaestus at
Thu Jul 8 04:36:34 CEST 2010

I've written a 'pause' button for the various status CGIs. The reason
for this button is to avoid having to set the global refresh_rate very
high when I'd like to avoid a single page from refreshing. This is a
problem for me on the 'all services' view since I have over 11k
services in monitoring and it can take a good portion of the
refresh_rate for the page to even render.

The reason the javascript is included is to avoid having to modify
every call to 'display_info_table()' to pass the current url string.
I've tested it in chrome and firefox and it works perfectly to append
'?paused' or '&paused' to the location, but I'd appreciate if anyone
tests in their browser of choice. Please let me know if you have any
suggestions or if you would like me to make any changes.

Steve Koenig
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