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Subject: [Nagios-devel] Nagios development moving forward
From: Andreas Ericsson <ae at>
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Date: 2010-04-29 20:46

> Hey all. Sorry for cross-posting, but I suppose this announce
> interests quite a lot of the users too, and not just developers.
> I'm just writing to inform you all that Nagios (core and cgi's)
> development is once again moving forward. We've previously been
> stalled by technical issues on how we should work with the code
> now that we're a distributed team.
> As most of you know, talk has been going on for quite some time
> to move the official Nagios repository to git. While this hasn't
> happened yet, everything that has so far been coded for Nagios
> has been done that way, in my own and Ton's public repositories
> which are cross-pollinated with changes from both of us.
> So for those of you who wish to try out a revamped Nagios with a
> bunch of bugfixes and code improvements, clone your repo from me
> or Ton today and build Nagios from source.

Thanks for the update. Although it would be nice to get the official 
repositories onto GIT - where exactly is the problem?

And regarding the revamped Nagios - is this meant to be an invitation 
for testing, or for using those versions? When will all those fixes be 
merged back in to the CVS HEAD

>   branches:
>     master            Same as the still-official Nagios CVS repo
>     dev               My changes on top of CVS import
>     ae-ton            The merged state between me and Ton

Sounds good, will give it a try. A bunch of nice improvements, and 
bugfixes next to those where I've already applied the patches and tested 
them over here :)

>   gitweb url:

Minor note - remove the .git then it works

> Those of you who have reported bugs to should
> log into the tracker again and see if your bug has been closed or
> resolved, and if so try out my dev branch, which should contain
> the proper fix.

Any news on NDOUtils and other Core addons? Next to the Core it would be 
nice to know what's going on with them.

Kind regards,

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