Nagios development moving forward

Andreas Ericsson ae at
Thu Apr 29 20:46:32 CEST 2010

Hey all. Sorry for cross-posting, but I suppose this announce
interests quite a lot of the users too, and not just developers.

I'm just writing to inform you all that Nagios (core and cgi's)
development is once again moving forward. We've previously been
stalled by technical issues on how we should work with the code
now that we're a distributed team.

As most of you know, talk has been going on for quite some time
to move the official Nagios repository to git. While this hasn't
happened yet, everything that has so far been coded for Nagios
has been done that way, in my own and Ton's public repositories
which are cross-pollinated with changes from both of us.

So for those of you who wish to try out a revamped Nagios with a
bunch of bugfixes and code improvements, clone your repo from me
or Ton today and build Nagios from source.

To clone a repository with git, use
  git clone <url>

This will get you all latest sources. For further info about git,

My repo:
  clone url:
  gitweb url's:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/dev
    master            Same as the still-official Nagios CVS repo
    dev               My changes on top of CVS import
    ae-ton            The merged state between me and Ton

Ton's repo:
  clone url:
  gitweb url:
    master            Ton's and my changes on top of CVS import

Those of you who have reported bugs to should
log into the tracker again and see if your bug has been closed or
resolved, and if so try out my dev branch, which should contain
the proper fix.

Those of you who are git-savvy since before can try

  git log -p --grep="fix.*#$bug_id_without_leading_zeroes" dev

in a repo cloned from mine and it'll show you the commits that
are responsible for fixing your problem.

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OP5 AB                   
Tel: +46 8-230225                  Fax: +46 8-230231

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