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Fri Apr 30 10:04:19 CEST 2010

On 04/29/2010 09:15 PM, Michael Friedrich wrote:
> Hi,
>> As most of you know, talk has been going on for quite some time
>> to move the official Nagios repository to git. While this hasn't
>> happened yet, everything that has so far been coded for Nagios
>> has been done that way, in my own and Ton's public repositories
>> which are cross-pollinated with changes from both of us.
>> So for those of you who wish to try out a revamped Nagios with a
>> bunch of bugfixes and code improvements, clone your repo from me
>> or Ton today and build Nagios from source.
> Thanks for the update. Although it would be nice to get the official
> repositories onto GIT - where exactly is the problem?

The problem is that Ethan is too swamped to learn a new SCM at the
moment. Since that most likely means he's also too swamped to do any
development work on the Nagios core and CVS is quite unusable by me
and Ton, we decided to move forward with development anyway. We're
using one git repository each, and expect to be able to send pull
requests to Ethan (or whoever takes the part of integrator) when
Ethan takes the time to learn enough of git to join in.

> And regarding the revamped Nagios - is this meant to be an invitation
> for testing, or for using those versions? When will all those fixes be
> merged back in to the CVS HEAD

It's meant to be an announcement that there are repositories where
core developers are stashing bugfixes and enhancements. What people
choose to do with that information is quite up to themselves.

Personally, I'd love it if people used my 'dev' branch for testing
and, if it solves a real problem they're having, for production use
too. All the changes I've done so far are bugfixes and performance
and maintainability improvements that shouldn't change any previously
working behaviour.

>>    branches:
>>      master            Same as the still-official Nagios CVS repo
>>      dev               My changes on top of CVS import
>>      ae-ton            The merged state between me and Ton
> Sounds good, will give it a try. A bunch of nice improvements, and
> bugfixes next to those where I've already applied the patches and tested
> them over here :)
>>    gitweb url:
> Minor note - remove the .git then it works

Ah, thanks.

>> Those of you who have reported bugs to should
>> log into the tracker again and see if your bug has been closed or
>> resolved, and if so try out my dev branch, which should contain
>> the proper fix.
> Any news on NDOUtils and other Core addons? Next to the Core it would be
> nice to know what's going on with them.

Yes and no. Hendrik Baecker wrote an email to me, Ton and Ethan a
few weeks ago stating he no longer has the time to maintain NDOutils.
That means that NDOUtils currently stands without a maintainer.

I won't be picking up that flag, since I'm also the Merlin maintainer
and wouldn't want to sit in a position where I'm maintaining two
similar modules. Especially since op5 won't be paying me to maintain
a more or less competing product. Maybe Ton or Ethan will take care
of it, or we'll announce that we're looking for a new maintainer
sometime soon. If anyone's interested in wearing the NDOUtils hat,
let us know.

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