Host Checks Not Completing in time

Joseph Hardeman jwhardeman at
Tue Sep 27 22:04:40 CEST 2005

Hello Everyone,

I hope I am posting to the correct list for this question. We are currently
taking over monitoring of all of our locations. We have about 530 locations
around the US that the we are monitoring. On my test machine I have Nagios
2.0b3 running and it appears to be handling all of the ping checks in under
5 minutes, I am slowly moving all of the locations to a Gentoo Linux box
which we are running Nagios 1.2.

Here is the problem. I want to check every host every 5 minutes. On the
2.0b3 machine which is a Dell desktop with 512MB of ram, all hosts are being
checked in the time frame, 137 hosts are left on this machine. But on the
IBM server I can not get the checks to finish in time. It is taking over an
hour to check the 404 I have moved over. Is there a configuration parameter
that I am missing that will make Nagios 1.2 check all hosts in the right
time frame? It appears that between 2-5 hosts are being checked every
minute. If you want I will post the configurations so you can look them

Let me know if I have sent this to the wrong list.


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