Host Checks Not Completing in time

Greg Vickers g.vickers at
Wed Sep 28 00:51:33 CEST 2005


Joseph Hardeman wrote:
> Hello Everyone,


> 2-5 hosts are being checked every minute.  If you want I will post the 
> configurations so you can look them over.

Here's a quick couple of things I would contribute to your problem:

* Stick with 2.0, it scales *much* better for a large number of services 
on a single Nagios host
* Use check_icmp rather than check_ping, again it's much faster and more 

> Let me know if I have sent this to the wrong list.

This is the wrong list, nagios-users would get your question to a lot 
more people, this is the list for *developers* of Nagios.

> Thanks.
> Joseph

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