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Hans Engelen engelenh at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 15:45:07 CEST 2005

First of my apologies if this is the wrong list for it.
 I have been using nagios and net*aint (before it was renamed) for some time
now (and with much appreciation). But still there are a few things which
have me slightly stumped.
 1) Not being able to manually specify the order of services when displaying
a service status detail page (and similar).
 Right now these lists of services are ordered alfabetically on service
name. While not bad for starters there are cases where you would want to be
able to have a set of services displayed in a predefined order. I for one
have a number of Application hosts running about 30 different Windows
services a piece. These services have to be started in order so having them
displayed in that order on the service status detail page would be
preferable. When I ran into this initially I decided to just prefix the
service description with a number to force them into the right order even
with alfabetical sorting.
 this leads me to :
 2) Service Description being used as a 'key'.
 Once you define a service name and start collecting data for it that
description becomes as good as fixed for life. Changing it later on would
mean running into heaps of trouble when examining historical data such as
trends. Even worse if you have add-ons like perfparse running the problem is
even bigger since there too the same field is being used as a key (yes i
know you do not maintain perparse but you do set the standard for how
performance logging is done). Seems to me it would be preferable to link
'all data' rather to a unique ID key rather then an actual description. This
holds true for a number of scenarios. Imagine again my sitation with
application hosts running 30 windows services. At one point I might decide
to improve performance bij spreading these services out over 2 hosts instead
of bulking them together on just 1. It would be a shame to loose my history
because name and host for the windows service changes.
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