Nagios MakingFile

Martin Leduc marled3 at
Sun Sep 25 15:13:28 CEST 2005

Hi Folks,

I guess I found a little bug in the CGI MakeFile.

I use Slackware 10 and when I try to compile Nagios, the StatusMap.cgi doesn't compile.  As written un the FAQ F0055, I have downloaded and install all the libs and use swaret to get all updated libs.

The configure script report no error on GD Lib and on any listed lib.

The way I used to having the statusmap.cgi, is using make statusmap.cgi in the cgi source directory.  Manualy copy and chown the file.  

Now, It's work perfectly.

Can you check that please, I will send on the nagios-user mailling list a comment on that.

Best regards

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