globally inhibiting / enabling freshness checks

Andreas Ericsson ae at
Mon Feb 14 20:41:34 CET 2005

Horvath Tamas wrote:
> Hi List!
> I'm just planning to upgrade my 1.2 to 2.0 when it will be stabe (not beta).
> On Wed, 02 Feb 2005 12:12:40 -0600 Ethan wrote about
> I'm interested in these commands, because I can use them very well in my
> scenario. But I can't find them in the documentation
> (
> Is it because the documentation is not completed yet?

Most likely, yes. Nagios was released as beta just recently (and alpha 
before that). It's still intended pretty much for programmers who can 
read the code as of yet, so documentation is probably still some 
distance off. On the other hand, writing the documentation last is not 
always a bad thing. It sort of ensures that the only people who use new 
and untested features are the ones who can fix them if they're broken.

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