External Command, scheduled downtime

alex at reseau.nl alex at reseau.nl
Tue Feb 15 10:20:56 CET 2005

Was sent to nagios-users before, but i think it should have gone

I've been investigating Nagios for a while now, having tried the last
stable, beta1 and now beta2.

I have problems scheduling Service and Host downtime using external
commands. I haven't used it before and started with it in beta1.

I have seen that multiple people have had this issue, though they
never got a reaction. I hope I will because I don't have much time
left for this investigation and using external commands to schedule
downtime is important in our system.

When I use the Addon nagdtsched i get a message in the Event log:

[2005-02-11 11:08:10] EXTERNAL COMMAND:
Scheduled Dowtime

but nothing shows up in the 'Downtime' page. If I schedule downtime
via the webinterface then everything goes ok.

I tried echo-ing to var/rw/nagios.cmd myself and that worked like
above. And both external commands for host and service downtime don't
work. I first tried all of this in beta1, but hoping beta2 might have
it fixed i installed that over 1, but that didn't help either.

I have to admit that for this trial I don't have time to use this
anyway. But if we continue this, then we would like to schedule
downtime automatically.

Also.. somewhere I came acros a patch or something, so that services
would be scheduled to be down when the host is. It could be that that
was for notification-hours only though. Nagios does support scheduling
downtime to children to host, it would be interesting to have the host
automatically increase its services 'downtime' field too.

Alex Haan

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