Create a virtual service - How to?

Stuart Browne stuart.browne at
Wed Feb 2 23:14:26 CET 2011

Have you had a look at the 'check_cluster' plugin?  It allows you to team multiple services into a single service.  You tell it how many can fail/not-fail before raising an alert etc.

We use this for our SMTP MX target availability.


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> We have several systems which all work independently, as does everyone,
> naturally. We also have 'virtual services' which dependent on these
> working. What I'd like to do is set off Alert X, if A, B or C, have a
> problem, as well as A, B, or C, also sending an alert to thier
> respective responsible persons
> For example, VPN, Email, RDP, and our custom application need to be on
> line, in order for remote consultants to be able to work. The custom
> app, and email are managed by one team, and VPN and RDP by two other
> separate teams.
> This 'service' we can all RC for the sake of argument, and I would like
> an alert from the RC service, if any of the four services it relies on
> goes down, because the teams involved in managing the the separate
> services do it not just for the RC, but for a number of other groups of
> users as well.
> How can I achieve this 'virtual service' check I'd like to implement.

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