[naemon-users] Announcement: 1.3.0 released

Sven Nierlein Sven.Nierlein at Consol.de
Sun Nov 7 14:03:13 CET 2021


Today we released the version 1.3.0 of naemon-core, naemon-livestatus and a new module called vimvault. Thanks to all
people who were involved in this release.

Here is a summary of what has changed:

  * add vault macro neb broker api
  * set environment variables in a more secure way


  * fix reload issue when using tcp listener
  * fix contacts listed multiple times

There is a news entry here: https://www.naemon.org/project/2021/11/03/release-1.3.0.html

Packages and the repository have been updated already. Please report problems and
issues on this list or on the github issue tracker.


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