[naemon-users] Submitting Passive Checks by IP

Eric Schoeller eric.schoeller at Colorado.EDU
Thu May 27 07:39:47 CEST 2021


I am in the midst of switching from a very old Nagios version to Naemon. 
In the past I had SNMPTT configured to send traps to Nagios using the 
"$ar" variable, which passes the IP address of the SNMP agent sending 
the trap. Nagios happily accepted the IP address as argument 0 for the 
submit_check_result. It seems like Naemon will really only accept the 
host_name of the device, otherwise I am prompted with the message:

(Failed validation of service as type service (argument 0))

I have tried to do some research on this issue but I haven't gotten much 
information about it - and really why the functionality changed and if 
there's a way I can easily switch it back to the "legacy" behavior. 
Frankly I figured using the IP address would be more secure and unique 
than using the short hostname (but I will admit, IP addresses aren't 
required to be unique in the config but host_names are). Even if I 
populate all my devices into an /etc/hosts file (which I really would 
prefer not to do) some devices that send traps do so by relaying through 
another device, so the "$ar" variable was the only way to distinguish 
the actual agent. Trying to use the SNMPTT "$A" hostname variable with 
any traps being relayed still results in just a plain IP address getting 
submitted to Naemon, which doesn't work.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated!


Eric Schoeller

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