[naemon-users] Has this fix been implemented?

Jens Hyllegaard (Soft Design A/S) jens.hyllegaard at softdesign.dk
Thu May 7 15:44:36 CEST 2015

Sorry about the delay of my answer, our spam filter had eaten your email.

I have tried using NRDP, and that is where I get the errors.
Here is the log from Naemon.log:

[1431004144] Warning: Check of service 'Check Ghost JENSH7' on host 'z-Ghost-Status' timed out after 0.000s!
[1431004144] PASSIVE SERVICE CHECK: z-Ghost-Status;Check Ghost JENSH7;2;(Service check timed out after 0.00 seconds)
[1431004144] SERVICE NOTIFICATION: teknik;z-Ghost-Status;Check Ghost JENSH7;CRITICAL;notify-service-by-email;(Service check timed out after 0.00 seconds)

Do you know if it is possible to see what Naemon gets in the Naemon.cmd pipe/file.

Unfortunately I am not a great programmer, but I am great at following directions :)
So if you know of any way that I can test this, I am more than willing to do that.
Also if you/anyone knows of another way to get passive results in I am more than willing to try that.
In the old setup we used NRDP and Nagios, and I wrote a simple windows exe that could submit check results whenever our Norton Ghost backups had run.


Jens Hyllegaard

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On 2015-05-05 09:37, Jens Hyllegaard (Soft Design A/S) wrote:
> http://sourceforge.net/p/nagios/nagioscore/ci/5b8ad80519405cdf004229b0
> 4327bfb1f1d5fd9c/
>  I am having problems submitting passive service checks, and 
> discovered this had also been a problem in Nagios core at some point, 
> and it was fixed there. Does anyone know if the fix has been "ported"
> to Naemon?

Not insofar as I know, no.

> I get servicecheck timeouts when I submit them.

Interesting. Have you figured out some common denominator in the config or the check results you submit that cause this to happen? If you have, I can test it. If not, I can only rely on the tests already in place which show no such issues.


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