[naemon-users] Livestatus version with OMD/naemon

Adrian Saul adrian.saul at aapt.com.au
Fri Feb 27 08:44:18 CET 2015

Hi Naemon users,
  As part of a merger between two organisations we are trying to merge our
nagios environments to a single interface.  The other org uses check_mk
install using OMD, the intent is that we plug our nagios environment into
this as another site using livestatus.

We previously had this running but due to stability issues with our old
nagios build (self compiled/modified version we had on Solaris, with a
patched NRPE being the main issue to using a repo version) I opted to build
a new stack on Centos.  I went to use naemon as our Solaris version was
using merlin for distribution and it seemed merlin only now supports
naemon, but I had issues compiling that so instead went for the repository
versions of naemon, livestatus, thruk and gearman.  On top I lay down
config to integrate how our old setup worked.  I am currently on the 1.0.0

However when we connect the OMD to the naemon environment, we get the
following errors:

Unhandled exception: 400: Table 'services' has no column

It seems like this was something put into the check_mk version of
livestatus around 1.2.2 or so, but is lacking from naemon.  Is this feature
to be integrated or are there any workarounds we can use on either naemon
or OMD.

I have looked at other versions of livestatus but aside from straight out
missing symbols etc I am concerned there might be feature issues going to a
non-naemon version.  Only early searching so far but I have not found what
source creates that column.

Any suggestions or plans for supporting this compatibility?


Adrian Saul

Solaris Technical Specialist
Midrange Services, AAPT
T +61 2 9009 9041
E Adrian.Saul at aapt.com.au
Level 14, 201 Kent Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

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