[naemon-users] Upgrading to .9.1 caused the backend processes to need to be manually started at the console

Justin Laughlin justinnlaughlin at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 19:56:45 CET 2015

Hello Andreas,

I take it that Naemon 1.0 isn't being released today?  Any thoughts on
when?  I am contracted help and would like to plan when I need to be back
at my customer to upgrade their Naemon installation.

Thank you!


On Wed, Feb 11, 2015 at 12:52 PM, Andreas Ericsson <ageric79 at gmail.com>

> On 2015-02-09 23:13, Justin Laughlin wrote:
>> Hello Group,
>> About an hour ago I upgraded from 0.8 to 0.9.1 using
>>        apt-get install naemon
>> I chose to keep my existing config files after looking at the differences.
>> Upon launching Thruk/Naemon from my browser it reports that the backend
>> processes are not running.  It is unable to read
>>       /var/cache/naemon/live
>> Ultimately, I manually launched Naemon at the console:
>>        /usr/bin/naemon   /etc/naemon/naemon.cfg
>> Everything seems to start up and the Thruk/Naemon web interface works as
>> expected.  In the past, it started up upon system boot.  Evidently that is
>> no longer the case.
>> Do you have any advice for me?   The monitoring server is running Debian
>> 8.
> Umm, I think that could be a problem in the upgrade script rather
> than in the actual code or default settings as such. It worked nicely
> enough for me, although I'm on Linux Mint (a debian-based system), so
> maybe there are some changes there.
> Does it start as intended if you reboot the machine?
> /Andreas
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