bug in writing of Nagios 1.2 state retention file?

Dr. Dave Blunt dblunt at itgroundwork.com
Thu Sep 15 00:23:18 CEST 2005

I realize 1.2 has been out for some time and 2.0 is almost ready to get out
of beta but I have a problem that I can't quite isolate in the code and am
looking for some assistance.  Perhaps the problem also exists in 2.0b4
although I haven't had time to verify that...

The checks_enabled setting for each configured service is getting written to
the state retention file as '1' even though the checks_enabled setting for
the running service and that which is written regularly to the status file
is '0'.

I ran into this because I have a system for which execute_service_checks=1
in nagios.cfg but active_checks_enabled is '0' through templates for ALL
services.  Retain_state_information=1 in nagios.cfg also.  When you start
nagios for the first time (removing status.sav if necessary) everything
comes up nicely and active checks aren't performed.  However, if you stop
nagios and look at the status.sav file you see that for all services
checks_enabled is '1' and then if you start nagios again active checks are

I looked through xsddefault.c and sretention.c but can't work out what the
reason for this is...

Any help would be appreciated, thanks,


Dr. Dave Blunt
Regional Operations Manager
GroundWork Open Source Solutions

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