CPU leak on nagios-2.0b2

Dmitriy Kirhlarov dkirhlarov at oilspace.com
Thu Feb 24 13:16:50 CET 2005


On Thu, Feb 24, 2005 at 12:29:17PM +0100, Andreas Ericsson wrote:
> >We are try use nagios-2.0b2 for active monitoring ~500 services every 2 
> >min.
> Usually it isn't necessary to run checks every 2 mins, since this puts a 
> considerable load on the system (500/120 = 4.1 checks always running 
> simultaneously). See if you can put disk-checks stuff that doesn't 
> usually change very rapidly on a less frequent schedule. 15-30 minutes 
> should be enough. load and such (which uses average values anyway) can 
> also be checked less frequently.

Yes, I know. But it's our specific.
This is only part of distributed scheme.
And we are need minimal latency of monitoring system (now we have 5-min latency).

> >It's PIII-730MHz with 512 Mb of memory.
> >
> >Summary CPU load on this machine ~30% (we are looking on OIDs:
> >enterprises.ucdavis.systemStats.ssCpuRawSystem.0
> >enterprises.ucdavis.systemStats.ssCpuRawUser.0
> >) with SystemCpuLoad prevail.
> >
> >After 24 Hours summary CPU load on this machine ~85%.
> >
> 85% CPU load is equivalent (roughly) to 0.85 as reported by uptime. 

load average: 2.70, 2.80, 2.80

> The simplest and cheapest way is to raise the default check interval and 
> require less checks before a service enters hard state.
> You can also make sure no un-necessary programs are running on the 
> server (like X-windows or a heavily loaded web/database server).
> The most expensive and cumbersome way is to buy new hardware. Avoid this 
> if it can be helped at all.

If we have stable load ~80% -- no problem.
But CPU load _increased_ from 30% when we started nagios to 80% during 24 hours approx.

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