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Brett Stevens brett.stevens at
Fri Feb 11 23:59:34 CET 2005

Firstly, thanks guys for a great system. Ive been using this for a while now
and are on 2.x and are monitoring around 100 or so devices on our WAN. We
also use cacti as an snmp poller. Ive integrated a perl script to read
values in the cacti rrd's and use extended service info to link to the cacti
displayed graphs. The problem as I see it, and I must say sorry if this is
not the right list, but I would like to see the icon in the service details
page link directly to the url (perferably in the same frame) in the extended
service cfg rather than going to the extinfo.cgi (this would be simmilar to
how the guys at APAN suggest for 1.2). As I see it if the url in the service
collumn goes to extinfo.cgi and the icon in the collunm goes to the url this
would be better. My problem is Im a fair shell programmer but Im not at all
conversent with C. Ive had a look into the code and cant quite make it out.
Can anyone assist?

Sorry if this is the wrong list Ill be happy to post it over at nagios users
if needed.
Again thanks for a great montitoring system

Brett Stevens

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