Servicegroup check scheduling

Andreas Ericsson ae at
Thu Feb 3 21:23:44 CET 2005

Titus Anderson wrote:
> I really don't have a use for this idea, yet, but I thought I'd throw it out
> here and see what people think.  (I also don't know how hard this would be to
> code -- I haven't dug that deeply into the scheduling code, yet.)
> Here's a theoretical setup.  Say I have a number of hosts that all provide LDAP
> services and also have other services monitored (it doesn't matter what, but
> there need to be other services for this to be relevant).  With interleaved
> checks, the point is to spread out checks across multiple hosts.  If the
> interleaving factor works out exactly the right way, it's very possible that
> every one of the LDAP services could be checked simultaneously.  For redundant
> services, that's not necessarily desired behavior.
> So, here's my idea.  Since we have servicegroups now, perhaps providing a
> scheduling hint would be possible.  If I have 5 redundant LDAP services and I
> want at least one of those checked every 5 minutes, to guarantee that now, I'd
> have to set the check_interval to 5 minutes.  However, if I could hint to the
> scheduler to always interleave the checks of those services, I could
> comfortably set the check_interval to between 20 and 25 minutes.
> Of course, there's also the flip side -- you may have a set of services that
> are related but not redundant that you want to always check together.  So it
> would be better to parallelize those checks.
> So, finally the point -- the idea is to add an option to servicegroups (and
> possibly hostgroups for those that use scheduled host checks) that provides a
> hint to the scheduler.  Something like scheduling_hint with options of
> "interleave" or "parallelize".
> Any thoughts?  Anyone have an idea of how difficult this would be to implement?
>  Anyone find this useful or a complete waste of time and effort?

In my opinion, implementing stuff that you don't have a use for is a 
waste of time. Better then to implement in-core loadbalancing/redundancy 
features, which a lot of people would most likely use. I have the 
schematics for it ready, so let me know if you want to plug in on it.

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