ulimit for NRPE

Jason Martin jhmartin at toger.us
Tue Feb 1 18:58:37 CET 2005

On Tue, Feb 01, 2005 at 06:36:55PM +0100, Andreas Ericsson wrote:
> Possibly with xinetd. I haven't checked.
Unfortunately the hosts I am dealing with are HPUX or Solaris
and don't have xinetd installed. 
> Yes, most likely. But that shouldn't really be a big issue, as it's most 
> likely preferrable to have all inetd daemons run with the same limits. I 
In some corporate settings <ahem, mine> I only own from NRPE
through the plugins. Inetd may be used by other groups and I
can't ask the owner of the machine to make a global change.  In
my environment (and other large corporate settings) locallizing
the functionality to just Nagios's slice of the machine would be

Another option that occurs to me is to write a wrapper-plugin
that installs the ulimit's then calls the 'real' plugin. That
would probably be an easier route.

-Jason Martin

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