problems with performance of cgi's

Marcus Hildenbrand Marcus.Hildenbrand at
Fri Feb 13 10:26:02 CET 2004


we are currently monitoring 2100 Hosts with 9900 active service checks 
with Nagios 1.2. The main problem of that large number of monitored 
hosts are the cgi's. Most of the cgi's need more than 30 seconds to 
load. The current installation is running on a server with 4x700 MHz 
Pentium 3 CPU's with 4 GB RAM running SuSE SLES 7. The check latency is 
normally under 2 seconds and the cpu idle time is about 33%. So the 
scheduling of the active service checks and the overall CPU performance 
seems to be no problem.

We already tried to migrate to a new server with 2x2.4 GHz Pentium 4 
CPU's with 4 GB RAM running SuSE SLES 8. Unfortunately it runs slower on 
that box. For example a nagios -v nagios.cfg runs 3 times slower on that 
new box. The same is true for SuSE SLES 7. There seems to be a problem 
with Nagios running on Pentium 4 CPU's. Any idea how to tune Nagios 
running on a Pentium 4?

Will the cgi's be faster in Nagios 2.0 for large configurations?

As I understand distributed monitoring, the webinterface runs on a 
central monitoring server and the checks are done by the ditributed 
monitoring servers. We have no problems with scheduling the service 
checks itself. We have only problems with using the webinterface. So 
setting up distributed monitoring should not solve our problem. Am I rigth?

Any hints how to solve this problems,

Many thanks

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