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Thu Mar 26 22:35:08 CET 2015

Bischeck is about collecting metrics and for the metrics enable dynamic 
thresholds, create composed metrics, etc. Your use case is interesting, 
but not directly applicable on bischeck, at least with its current 
functionality. What you describe a more of a workflow or state engine 
where individual transactions (events?) are tracked by state and time. I 
could definitely see a need for it, but currently I do not see Bischeck 
as the solution with the current info you provided.

On 03/26/2015 11:09 AM, used at wrote:
> Hello Bischeck Friends,
> I'm interested in BAM solution Bischeck for Nagios.
> I read the presentation and the Bischeck documentation but I still wondering if Bischeck can handle our following Business Activity Monitoring use case:
> Example:
> System A produces an event with a new transactionID "GLHV3".
> System B produces (1min later) another event the the same transactionID "GLHV3"
> System C doesn't produce an event with transactionID "GLHV3" in the next 5 minutes.
> [Of course, I don't know which transactionsIDs are used. Bischeck has to use RegEx etc. on the transactionID field on the event.]
> Can Bicheck alert me, that System A produced an event (with a transactionID "GLHV3") that never reached System C?
> Regards.
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