Bischeck for Transaction Tracing

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Thu Mar 26 11:09:47 CET 2015

Hello Bischeck Friends,

I'm interested in BAM solution Bischeck for Nagios.
I read the presentation and the Bischeck documentation but I still wondering if Bischeck can handle our following Business Activity Monitoring use case:

System A produces an event with a new transactionID "GLHV3".

System B produces (1min later) another event the the same transactionID "GLHV3"

System C doesn't produce an event with transactionID "GLHV3" in the next 5 minutes.

[Of course, I don't know which transactionsIDs are used. Bischeck has to use RegEx etc. on the transactionID field on the event.]

Can Bicheck alert me, that System A produced an event (with a transactionID "GLHV3") that never reached System C?


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