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On 11-02-03 09:07 AM, Kaplan, Andrew H. wrote:
> Hi there --
> The network addressing scheme for our company is currently IPv4, but
> there are plans to convert to the IPv6 methodology.
> Does Nagios have any compatiblity issues with IPv6, or is it simply a
> matter of modifying the appropriate files within the
> host server's operating system as well as the Nagios application?

Nagios itself has no issues with IPv6 - the IP you enter in the
"address" field is just a string passed around. So any issue you could
encounter would be with plugins, eventhandlers, and everything else that
runs from Nagios and use the $HOSTADDRESS$ macro.

Most of the standard Nagios plugins should be IPv6-compatible already,
if you encounter any issues with them, you can point it out on the
Nagiosplug-devel mailing list. If you encounter issues with 3rd-party
plugins you'll have to get it fixed by the author or fix it yourself.


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