check_nt missing -l parameters

Jim Avery jim at
Fri Aug 14 21:42:33 CEST 2009

2009/8/14 Ricardo Delgado <ricardodelgadoar at>:
> Hi,
>   I'm configure mi xp host, installing nsclient.
> i define services
> define service{
>        use                     generic-service
>        host_name               pc-user-oficce2
>        service_description     C:\ Drive Space
>        check_command           check_nt!USEDDISKSPACE! -l c
>        }
> but when i open the web page
> Host  Service  Status  Last Check  Duration  Attempt  Status Information
> pc-user-oficce2
>  C:\ Drive Space
>  UNKNOWN 2009-08-14 16:07:34 130d 5h 39m 14s 4/4 missing -l parameters
>  CPU Load

I don't have my Nagios system to hand so can't check for sure, but I
guess you need also to specify the "-w" and "-c" parameters to specify
the warning and critical thresholds.

See the examples at



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