problem with services file.

Ryan Cochrane Ryan.Cochrane at
Fri Jan 18 02:09:22 CET 2002

Hi guys, sorry to bother you

I have finally got most of it working with auto and all!

I keep getting this error when i go to start it;

Error: Invalid object definition type 'service(' in file
'/usr/local/nagios/etc/services.cfg' on line 21.

define host{
        use                     generic-host            ;

        host_name               weig
        alias                   Naigos Monitoring #1
        check_command           check-host-alive check_http check_smtp
        max_check_attempts      10
        notification_interval   120
        notification_period     24x7
        notification_options    d,u,r

any pointers would be really good, ive been playin with it for 3 hours now.

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