[naemon-users] Transition from the latest Nagios to Naemon

Tomasz Dubiel tkdubiel at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 17:17:05 CEST 2021

We are using the latest Nagios on Debian. It basically relies on passive
checks being sent by nsca (send_nsca). NSCA is installed in xinetd and
receives the checks on the given port.
How can I ensure I can move Nagios installation to Naemon with everything
working? I've read that Naemon runs completely on its own user, directory
and can be installed alongside Nagios.
Is that for sure? We use Nagios with Thruk. Can I stop Nagios, install
Naemon, try to move configuration files to Naemon, start Naemon, see how
it's working and after that stop Naemon, start Nagios and Nagios will run
without any problems? Installation of Naemon won't overwrite any Thruk,
Nagios settings? I saw that the default directory of Thruk for Naemon is
/etc/thruk, which is the same on our Nagios server for Thruk. I don't want
anything to be overwritten (Thruk, apache2).
Best regards,
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