[naemon-users] Keep acknowledgements on unknown/timeout flaps

Florian Panzer - PLUSTECH GmbH fp at plustech.de
Fri Jul 23 10:24:25 CEST 2021

Dear naemon-users,

let's say I have this one service (disk space) which is in "WARNING" 
forever, because some volume is filled 83% and never changes.

I (non-sticky) acknowledge the service state. A few hours the service 
goes to UNKNOWN for one check, because the check times out once, and 
then it goes back to WARNING.

As is expected behaviour, the acknowledgement is removed by the state 

I could

a) acknowledge again, and repeat that like once or twice a day, or
b) set a sticky acknowledgement.

I don't really want to do both of them. If i choose option B, I won't be 
notified if the status changes to CRITICAL.

My question: Is there a way to acknowledge a service, keep the 
acknowledgement on transitions between UNKNOWN<-->WARNING, but have it 
removed on OK and CRITICAL?

Do I need to modify the check to throw a WARNING exit code on timeout, 
or can this be done within naemon itself?

Florian Panzer

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