[naemon-users] Nudging (max concurrent service checks)

VERVAET Frederik (ITS/IIS) frederik.vervaet at proximus.com
Mon Jan 11 15:23:53 CET 2016

> Nagios doesn't have a semi-random interval. It would always end up scheduling all checks at the start of a new active period in the timeperiod if there were any inactive periods, effectively causing a cpu-saving intention of scheduling certain checks only during workhours to clump up at 07:00 in the morning (or whenever your workhours period started).

> The "nudge one interval and see if we can run the check then" maintains the original, random, distribution, causing checks to stay spread the same way they did at startup.


I was under the impression Nagios nudging (in case of max_concurr service checks limit reached) worked like this:

nudges the time ahead by 5 + random(10) seconds

 (Can't seem to remember where I read this)

The way naemon handles it is the retry interval and no random part (also logfiles constantly give '0 seconds' btw instead of the actual value).



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