[naemon-users] First Release Announcement: 0.8.0

Sven Nierlein Sven.Nierlein at Consol.de
Mon Feb 17 13:24:34 CET 2014


This weekend we released the first official stable release of Naemon. We've choosen 0.8.0 as version
number because we still have plans for the 1.0 regarding possible API changes and don't want to block
that option too early. On the other hand, 0.8.0 is quite close to 1.0 because it is stable and we did not
start at zero. In fact we started with Nagios 4.0.2 as base and its already a lot more stable than its

Besides some neccessary renaming, we spend quite a lot of time in fixing critical issues[1], so at this
point there are no known critical issues left.
And we also spend lot of time to create a modern and convenient user experience which starts in the install
process where we offer binary packages for common linux systems like Debian, CentOS/Redhat, Ubuntu and SLES
and continues with integrating Thruk as new UI. See the website for a complete changelog[2].
Downloads are available at: http://www.naemon.org/download/ and there are also instructions on how to
use a repository.

And of course, the best code is nothing without good documentation, so we started the Naemon documentation
project[3] with sections for the enduser, developers and a faq. While there is still lot of work to do,
we already have a migration guide[4] which should get you started in no time.

I will also use this opportunity to point out, that Naemon is a community project. So we try hard to make
this project as independant as possible. First step is starting a NPO foundation, not yet complete, so there
will be a seperate accouncement for that. But this also means, that it's quite important that many individuals
from different companys combine their efforts to make something big. See the community page[5] on how
you could help.


[1]: http://www.naemon.org/documentation/developer/bugs/
[2]: http://www.naemon.org/news.html
[3]: http://www.naemon.org/documentation/
[4]: http://www.naemon.org/documentation/usersguide/#migration_from_nagios
[5]: http://www.naemon.org/community/

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