[naemon-dev] naemon talk at osmc

Daniel Ziegler info at nook24.eu
Wed Aug 28 20:36:57 CEST 2019


I would like to throw two projects on the table.

First of all Statusengine - a project I developed in my spare time and which is available since 2014.
I launched the project because I was annoyed by random segfault and issues cause by NDOUtils.

Statusengine uses a own NEB Module, provide a modern web interface and tutorials of how to setup Naemon etc.
It should perfectly fit into your talk I think.

Project page: https://statusengine.org/
GitHub: https://github.com/statusengine

The second project is openITCOCKPIT.
I'm sorry if this feels like advertising now, because I work for this company.
How ever. I think it is a great open source project nearly every Naemon use could benefit from.

Some cool features are: web based naemon configuration with validation, user permissions for all objects, API,
no update hassel and many others...

Project page: https://openitcockpit.io/
GitHub: https://github.com/it-novum/openITCOCKPIT/tree/ORM

Feel free to contact me for more information or help: daniel at statusengine.org

Best regards,


28. August 2019 11:37, "Sven Nierlein" <Sven.Nierlein at consol.de> schrieb:

> Dear list,
> i am going to do a talk about naemon on this years osmc conference about "Naemon & Friends". So
> basically this
> should be a talk about Naemon and all the projects around Naemon which make Naemon useful.
> So i am asking you if there are any projects you want to be mentioned? This could be anything from
> a NEB module,
> frontends, tools or monitoring suites based on Naemon. If you know something, please get in touch
> with me.
> Cheers and thanks,
> Sven

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