[naemon-dev] buildbot for continuous integration

Christian Berendt berendt at b1-systems.de
Wed Nov 27 11:00:18 CET 2013

Hello together.

Christian Schneemann mentioned Naemon in his report after the OSMC. 
Because the fork is relative new I want to ask if we can assist the 
development with providing some continuous integration.

We run a public buildbot service at http://buildbot.b1-systems.de, 
building QEMU at the moment. At the moment I'm migrating the buildbot 
service to a new system and after this migration we've a lot of more 
resources available and I would like to add Naemon as new project.

We can also provide 2 or 3 buildslaves to check builds on latest SLE and 
OpenSUSE on x86_64.


Christian Berendt
Cloud Computing Solution Architect
Mail: berendt at b1-systems.de

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Osterfeldstraße 7 / 85088 Vohburg / http://www.b1-systems.de
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