NSCA 2.9.1 hangs occasionally

Andrew Widdersheim awiddersheim at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 5 19:00:49 CEST 2012

Noticed that every once in a while the NSCA server will hang and needs to get completely stopped and started (SIGHUP doesn't work) before any new data will get processed. 

I turned on debugging to see if there was anything useful but didn't get much. Anyone else have any similar issues?

We have NSCA setup to write directly to the check results queue which is on a RAM disk. Here is a log snippet of what we typically see:

Jul  5 12:15:30 nagios-server nsca[10992]: Attempting to write checkresult file
Jul  5 12:15:30 nagios-server nsca[10992]: checkresult file '/ramdisk/nagios/var/checkresults//cxznJb4' open for write.
Jul  5 12:15:30 nagios-server nsca[10992]: End of connection...
Jul  5 12:30:11 nagios-server nsca[10992]: Caught SIGHUP - restarting...
Jul  5 12:31:05 nagios-server nsca[10992]: Caught SIGTERM - shutting down...
Jul  5 12:31:10 nagios-server nsca[23708]: Starting up daemon
Jul  5 12:31:10 nagios-server nsca[23708]: Handling the connection...
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