Nagios implied and additive inheritance; possible bug?

Jim Winkle jwinkle at
Sun Apr 1 18:18:51 CEST 2012

On Wed, 28 Mar 2012 11:44:31 -0500 Jim Winkle <jwinkle at> wrote

> I'd like to set up Nagios contact_groups in the following way (but it's not
> working as expected):
> 1) In general, contact_groups for a host are notified about problems with the
> host and any service on the host.
> 2) Occasionally, we'd like other contact_groups to be notified about problems
> with certain services on the host.

Thanks for the great ideas and investigation about how this could be
implemented.  Sounds doable, and that a config-time switch could turn it on.

I think a lot of people would use this feature, since sysadmins want to know
about all problems on a host, but app admins want to be notified about just
certain problems (e.g. when their disk is filling up).

To formally request this feature, is it sufficient that I posted it here, or
should I add it to and/or somewhere else?
-- Jim

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