Ohloh listing update

Tony Yarusso tyarusso at nagios.com
Thu Apr 7 00:19:07 CEST 2011

On 4/6/2011 4:52 PM, Andreas Ericsson wrote:
> Nice, except that nsca, nrpe, docs, vshell and ndoutils is mixed in
> as well. Nagios-ish, to be sure, but why not list them as separate
> projects?
Well, I've been considering "everything officially included in the 
Nagios repository tree" as part of "the Nagios project", where the 
Nagios project includes multiple products, of which the Nagios Core is 
the primary one.  Given the overlap of contributors, resources, commit 
access control, repository, support mechanisms, community, etc. I would 
think it makes sense to call that all one "project".  (This also matches 
what some similar Ohloh listings are doing.)  Perhaps I'm wrong, but 
that's what struck me as more natural.  (I'm not particularly attached 
to doing it one way or the other, but this is certainly less work to 
maintain and such.)  Thoughts?

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