Nagios development moving forward

Richard Lynch richard.lynch at
Thu Apr 29 21:39:15 CEST 2010


Check_swap should be refactored to a get_swap function, OS-dependent, and
then a comparison process, OS-independent. :-)

I'm contemplating writing a Mac OS X check_swap, as there does not seem to
be one, and not looking forward to parsing "top -n 1 -S ..." output...

But I'd be a whole lot more comfy with it if I just had to return a BIGINT
instead of duplicating the logic of the test.

'Course, I don't really know what I'm talking about; I'm a nagios "victim"
for a month of a setup that blasts the whole IT department for every
notification, and haven't actually done anything useful to fix that yet...

On 4/29/10 1:46 PM, "Andreas Ericsson" <ae at> wrote:

> Hey all. Sorry for cross-posting, but I suppose this announce
> interests quite a lot of the users too, and not just developers.
> I'm just writing to inform you all that Nagios (core and cgi's)
> development is once again moving forward. We've previously been
> stalled by technical issues on how we should work with the code
> now that we're a distributed team.
> As most of you know, talk has been going on for quite some time
> to move the official Nagios repository to git. While this hasn't
> happened yet, everything that has so far been coded for Nagios
> has been done that way, in my own and Ton's public repositories
> which are cross-pollinated with changes from both of us.
> So for those of you who wish to try out a revamped Nagios with a
> bunch of bugfixes and code improvements, clone your repo from me
> or Ton today and build Nagios from source.
> To clone a repository with git, use
>   git clone <url>
> This will get you all latest sources. For further info about git,
> see
> My repo:
>   clone url:
>     git://
>   gitweb url's:
>   branches:
>     master            Same as the still-official Nagios CVS repo
>     dev               My changes on top of CVS import
>     ae-ton            The merged state between me and Ton
> Ton's repo:
>   clone url:
>     git://
>   gitweb url:
>   branches:
>     master            Ton's and my changes on top of CVS import
> Those of you who have reported bugs to should
> log into the tracker again and see if your bug has been closed or
> resolved, and if so try out my dev branch, which should contain
> the proper fix.
> Those of you who are git-savvy since before can try
>   git log -p --grep="fix.*#$bug_id_without_leading_zeroes" dev
> in a repo cloned from mine and it'll show you the commits that
> are responsible for fixing your problem.

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