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Ok, I seems to be a good idea, I will start coding it next week.
Other suggestions are welcome.

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Yann JOUANIN wrote:
| I could get it works as an event broker, but where to send data?

To single file... Or a set of files if you think it makes more sense. As
I said your CGIs can just get the file with an http request (just like
you do with the original CGI..

Be sure to write a new file and move it over, to make sure writes are

| I thought about two things :
| _ A cgi file to export data in JSON format, for all data which don't
need realtime (such as hosts list ...).
| _ A event broker to send data to another server (the frontend) on
event by using for example JSON-RPC (
| This will permit realtime update for alarms etc, and to send data
every N minutes to frontend server.
| I am using several Nagios servers and I generate JSON data every 5
mins in local and push them through ssh to the frontend server where I
aggregate data.

If using an event broker you will likely do the job every
status_update_interval. The event broker would be the one writing the
JSON status file, and a scheduled job would send the file (or the file
content using JSON-RPC) to remote servers.

Then to go one step further, we could write a replacement status data
I/O (USE_XSDDEFAULT) for Nagios that write _and_ read status data in
JSON format. That would make the CGI use this function as well,
effectively making the status_file in JSON format. Once this step is
done any replacement CGI can be plugged in directly, reading status data
in JSON format.

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