nagiostats reports wrong times

Messner Albrecht Albrecht.Messner at
Thu Sep 8 08:47:43 CEST 2005


I have my nagios server send me a status report every morning. Lately, I
was a little puzzled when I read the program running time:

Program Running Time:                 7d 55h 21m 44s

Uh... Shouldn't this read 9d 7h 21m 44s? Looking into the nagiostats
code, I found that the routine to compute the time breakdown is actually
correct, however it is called with parameters in the wrong order:
"days,minutes,hours,seconds" instead of "days,hours,minutes,seconds". I
have attached a little patch that should correct this problem.

A. Messner
Albrecht Messner   ***   Senior Software Architect
First Data International    ***   Mobile Solutions
Industriestrasse 3 *** 70565 Stuttgart *** Germany
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