Behavior of event handler - doesn't work alarm light

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Thu Sep 8 08:35:36 CEST 2005


Please enable log_event_handlers=1 , log_host_retries=1,
log_service_retries=1 in your main config files and paste the logs.

Also you are using Macro $STATETYPE$ instead of $HOSTSTATETYPE$.

Service event handler macros: $SERVICESTATE$, $SERVICESTATETYPE$,
Host event handler macros: $HOSTSTATE$, $HOSTSTATETYPE$, $HOSTATTEMPT$

Sumit Malhotra
Data Armor

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Dear Sumit san,

Thank you for your advise and now I've confirmed about your advise.

I tried to do "su nagios" and my script "notify-to-keiko-chan", it
worked fine,
alarm light was turn-on.
So again I tried to plug off LAN line for target host and watch event
log of
Nagios says some HOST ALART and EVENT HANDLER messages about terget host
connection, I looked following message on the event log at last;

[09-08-2005 10:18:21] SERVICE ALERT: local1-ATX135;PING;CRITICAL;HARD;1;
- Host Unreachable (
[09-08-2005 10:18:21] HOST EVENT HANDLER:
[09-08-2005 10:18:21] HOST ALERT: local1-ATX135;DOWN;HARD;10;CRITICAL -
Unreachable (
[09-08-2005 10:18:18] HOST EVENT HANDLER:
[09-08-2005 10:18:18] HOST ALERT: local1-ATX135;DOWN;SOFT;9;CRITICAL -
Unreachable (

But alarm light didn't work. I seem to look like it has no problem about
permission of my script "notify-to-keiko-chan" and user account

My Nagios environment is wrong for Nagios 2.0B4? Do I forget to check
It's better to down grade from FC4 to FC3 for Nagios server? Please
advise me.

Thank you lots of your help,

Takashi Maruyama

Aucnet Inc.
IT Department

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