warning/critical directives

Gerd Mueller gmueller at netways.de
Wed Feb 16 09:57:22 CET 2005

Hi list,

a few days ago I had to mail one of our costumers there warning critical
values for all his services. That was a really boring job :-(. 

For such future tasks it would be very helpful if there could be two
optional directives "warning" and "critical". Both should be:
- used be readable by macros ("$WARNING$","$CRITICAL$") to easily
configure the commands
- stored inside the object cache
- columns inside the configuration report through the webinterface.

an example:

define service {
  use generic-service
  host_name foo
  service_description smtp
  check_command check_smtp
  warning 10
  critical 15

define command {
  command_name  check_smtp
  command_line  $USER1$/check_smtp $HOSTADDRESS$ -w $WARNING$ -c

OK, that won't improve nagios functional ;-) but it won't be so much
work to document then. 

Any comments? Any volunteers for coding?



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