roadmap for 2.x and other release-related questions

sean finney seanius at
Tue Feb 15 22:07:18 CET 2005


here come a bunch of 2.0 release-related questions... my 
apologies in advance :)

we've had a number of requests for debian packages of the new 2.x
series of nagios, and i'm wondering what the state of the development
process is towards the official "2.0" release.  i've been following
nagios-announce, but haven't actually built/installed the latest version
myself.  is the latest nagios at a point that it should be considered
for inclusion in distributions?  if not, is it close?  work could
certainly start on it beforehand, but i wouldn't want to make an
official upload if it weren't mature enough iyho.

along those lines, what is the general attitude/experience of 1.3 -> 2.0
migration?  i've read of a few non-backwards-compatible changes in
the 2.0 changelogs/notes, the biggest being lack of in-core mysql/pgsql
support.  wrt that, i read that there will exist an "event broker"
interface which should give people the ability to write hooks to
get the support back.  is anyone currently working on this?

where i'm getting with all this is that i'll need to figure out what
will make the most sense for the debian users who have nagios 1.x
packages installed on their systems today.  i see two options:

 - provide a direct upgrade path, including scripts to fix the gotchas
   and add rdbms support (or scripts for migration from this if not

 - start a second 2.x series of nagios packages with no upgrade path,
   and continue to maintain 1.x and 2.x seperately.

the second option is obviously much easier logistically, but also
risks leaving users in the cold if development on nagios 1.x ceasees
after 2.0 comes out.  it also would keep them from going to 2.0,
which looks pretty neat :)

anyway, i'd welcome anyone's thoughts on the matter.


ps - cc'ing nagios at nagios, as i'm not sure whether this would be
     more pertinent here or there.
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