Antwort: clean_macro_chars() no longer called in utils.c in 2.0b1 ? [Virus scanned]

Sascha Runschke srunschke at
Fri Feb 4 13:37:28 CET 2005

Hello Stanley,

> Nagios 2.0b1 appears not to clean illegal characters from certain macros 

> as documented.

I've already tried to point that out a few times, noone listened though ;)

> Whereas 1.2 has a logical case formed by an 'if then else if ..' chain 
> to clean the macro content depending on the macro name, the 2.0b1 code 
> relies on a flag named clean_macro that is only cleared (as far as I 
> can see).

Not only does that hamper the functionality of Nagios by quite a bit
(I still can't see the output of check_nt DISKUSAGE Servicechecks...),
but it poses a BIG security risk too.
Just think of handcrafted passive checks. It would take me aprox 5 mins
to break the system apart, since some macro outputs are parsed by 


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