empty service groups and trends.cgi

Marc DeTrano marc at gridshield.net
Mon Aug 22 19:35:33 CEST 2005

I have run into a problem which took quite a while to track down, and 
thought it may be helpful to submit it to this list (I have not seen any 
information on this elsewhere).

I am using Nagios 2.0b4.  I have found that if there are servicegroups 
defined, but not actually populated, then Nagios will run just fine, and 
most of the standard cgi's work fine also, except for the trends.cgi 
which will return a "Whoops...Error: Could not read object configuration 

This seems to only happen if the last servicegroup on the list is empty.

I am not sure if the problem is in trends.cgi itself or in the methods 
used to parse the object.cache file.  I don't mind getting rid of empty 
serivcegroup definitions (I usually just leave a standard set in place 
for each installation, and populate them as needed).  Other users may 
find it helpful if the error message more clearly indicated the problem 
(all other cgi's ran ok, so it was hard to imagine why this one alone 
could not read the file).

Otherwise, I like the new servicegroup feature of Nagios 2 (great for 
controlling escalations!)--thanks to all who contribute to this project.


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