nagios.cmd & SIGTERM

Ethan Galstad nagios at
Fri Feb 27 07:01:39 CET 2004

You can find the calls to open_command_file() and 
close_command_file() in main() in base/nagios.c.  There isn't really 
a need to delete and recreate the command file when Nagios shuts down 
and restarts - its just a carryover from a long time ago.  Nagios 2.0 
attempts to reuse an already existing command file when it starts up.

On 26 Feb 2004 at 9:13, Jason Martin wrote:

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> In looking at the signal handling procedure in Nagios 1.1, I see that
> when a SIGTERM is caught, the function 'sighandler' almost immediately
> closes the command file. It then returns and Nagios completes its
> normal shutdown cycle, part of which is to remove the command file
> again. I'm just curious - -- is there a necessity for the signal
> handler to close the command file? 
> Thanks,
> - -Jason 
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