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Wed Feb 18 06:02:08 CET 2004


 > RTFM !
 > this is totally an unqualified complain. it is absolutely no problem to 
 > install nagios on any imaginable url. and its very well documented in 
 > the supplied docs.

I of course spent several hours reading the manual and it didn't work
for me at first or I wouldn't have posted.  Turns out the problem was
the cgi.cfg which was sent to me by my colleague who installed nagios
at a different url.  Consequently only certain things like stylesheets
and images which depend on htmurl were incorrectly referenced.

I incorrectly assumed since the url was specified to ./configure it
was just hard compiled into the cgi executables and that either these
or relative urls would be used.  After reading the source code and a
thousand or so lines of config files, I found that it is compiled in
as a default but is overridden by a runtime config file.

Hence this is no software defect but just an incorrect assumption on
my part that I could simply copy configuration files between different
installations which are custom compiled for the local server and fire
up.  Not necessarily true.  Thank goodness for open source or I may
never have figured it out and left it default.

By the way,

./configure --help reads:

 --with-cgiurl=<dir> sets URL for cgi programs (do not use a trailing slash)
 --with-htmurl=<dir> sets URL for public html

I'd recommend something more like:

 --with-cgiurl=<local-url> sets URL for cgi programs (do not use a trailing slash)
 --with-htmurl=<local-url> sets URL for public html

Since those commands in fact do not take directories or even fully
qualified url's as arguments.

Thanks for your insight, I can imagine your frustration :-)

- Mike

> I couldn't find a tool for tracking nagios defects, so I am posting
> this here.  I tried configuring nagios to run without living in
> http://<hostname>/nagios using the configure command line options.
> This failed as some of the cgi's must have hardcoded URL's that still
> refer to things in http://<hostname>/nagios/... so I was forced to set
> it up as the default to get css's and images to work.
> - Mike

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