Database support.

Jeremy Russell Jeremy.Russell at
Wed Apr 30 03:14:41 CEST 2003

Ya, I knew about the xdata option for Nagios, I was just wondering about
all the data.  So its easier to manage from the flat files.  I guess
that would be logical, but if a manager was built into Nagios.

What I'm seeing is that all the data is actually behind the scenes wand
you don't mess with anything with Nagios but the interface.  I guess I'm
looking to bloat it quite a bit.

I don't know... just wondering..  Thanks!

Jeremy Russell
Network Administrator, CNI

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On Mon, 28 Apr 2003, Jeremy Russell wrote:

> Hello list,
> 	I was just wanting to throw around the idea of DB support for
> all data theat nagios uses (object, status, etc..).
> Is DB support just too slow or harder to implement?

You can put status and other output data into a DB.
(xdata and comment options to configure)

Nagios does not have, and there are no plans to add, new object creation

capabilities during runtime.

So all Nagios needs at startup is the object config data.  It is easier
manage it through flat files than through a db specially if fields and 
objects are getting moved around.

A lot of people would like DB support for integration into other tools 
that have a DB backend.  The way to acheive this is to write a tool to 
dump your DB to Nagios' into config files.


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